Monday, June 27, 2011

slowest. internet. connection. ever.

I'm staying at a ridiculously expensive and swanky hotel here in San Francisco.

But their internet?


I swear it's dial-up.

Oh, and they make you pay for it by the day.

Thus, no photos to show you, because it's already taken me 15 minutes just to get this far.

Rest assured, I'm having a wonderful time.  But I'm going to have to call down to the front desk and let them know I want my money back.

Maybe it'll speed up by tomorrow and I can post photos of all the amazing stuff I've done.  Until then, I'm sending smooches.

***UPDATE: I just made a call to the front desk. Turns out I needed to select the wired internet option, as it's much faster than their wireless {which is still very odd to me, considering the four-star rating of this hotel}. Looks like I'll now be able to post. Woot!****

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