i've never ever been good at transitions. i grew up in a home with a mother who suffers from a form of schizophrenia. there was never stability, never a sense of feeling rooted and solid. that has affected me deeply, especially into my adult life.

i'm currently 33, and i'm in a major period of transition. quite frankly, it's scaring the hell out of me. many of my posts will reflect that. i ask that you please be patient with me, understand that i don't always know what i'm doing {or even saying}, and i often take a long time to move forward.

a very long time.

in the late summer of 2009 i had a tremendous loss occur in my life. you'll probably figure it out as you read my posts. it has been a central theme here since. you will tire of it, i'm sure. but i have to keep working through it.

probably be for a very long time.

remember: i have never been good at transitions.