Friday, January 22, 2010

happy hour with the big g.

It's times like these when I really wish I could just text message God and be like, "Dude, wanna grab a beer? It's been a hell of a week!" And He'd text back immediately, "4 sure! C U in 10!" And then we'd meet up at the local bar down the street from my apartment, only He'd be there early, of course, because He's like that. A seat would be saved for me, and He'd would have already ordered me my favorite drink, because, well, He's like that. And before I even let out my first sigh of decompression, He'd be all, "I know, right?! It has been a rough week."

This whole Haiti thing has me wanting to just sit down with The Big G and be like, "Luuuuucy, you have some 'splaining to do!" Because really, I just. don't. get. it. I didn't get it during 9/11, I didn't get it during Hurricane Katrina, and I don't get it now. I don't get it. I believe in God, with all my heart and soul, and I love Him. Completely. In fact, I'd go so far as to say He's the greatest love of my life, my best friend. But right now, I'm pretty pissed at Him. Because I just cannot wrap my head around the pain and suffering and destruction. I cannot wrap my head around why He's letting this happen.

I want to sit down with Him over a drink, have a real chat, get serious. I'd be all, "Remember that time you shook the earth and let thousands of people die?" And He'd be all, "I do remember. Sorry 'bout that. But you gotta trust me. It's all part of My Plan." And I'd be all, "Your plan? Was your plan designed by someone who claimed to be an event coordinator but was actually a professional video game player who didn't know how the real world really functioned?" And He'd be all, "Now, now, my child. Simmer down. Where's your trust in me? Where's your faith?" And I'd be all, "Hold on, I gotta pee. I'll be right back."

And He would hold on. Because He's like that.

And after I got back from peeing, He'd be like, "I missed you. Even though you were separated from me for just a few minutes, I missed you. I always want you near me." And I'd be like, "Really?" And I'd feel really guilty. Because I'd separated myself from Him. But I'd also feel so loved, because He missed me. Me! Can you believe it?! So, I'd be like, "I'm sorry. I missed you, too. And I do trust you, but I just don't understand." And He'd be like, "As long as you trust me, and keep me near you always, you'll eventually feel peace. But you gotta let me do my thing, okay? I make the rules, remember?" And I'd grumble and roll my eyes and be all, "Yeeees, Daaaaad."

And we'd continue to talk over drinks, there in the local bar, with The People. And He'd say hello to everyone, but He'd never make me feel like He wasn't fully present, like He wasn't completely focused on me. And our talk would be down-to-earth, real, no frills. And He'd smile the whole time, because that's what He wants. That's what He loves. And I'd cry (because I always friggin' do), and He'd take the cocktail napkin from underneath his drink and wipe my tears. And then He'd be like, "Let's do this again tomorrow. Let's just keep talking, and I promise you, you'll feel peace."

And He'd pick up the tab.

I think I'm gonna text Him tomorrow.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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Akirah said...

I imagine my interactions with God like that too! Only, instead of getting a beer, we'd go to the mall.

This kinda reminded me of that book The Shack. Have you ever read it? I know it's kinda controversial in some circles...but this post reminded me of it, for some reason.

Lisa E said...

I appreciated this post. It is how I feel also. Sometimes it is so difficult to "understand why", although we shouldn't even wonder, just know that he is in control. My God is approachable like yours. Oh yes, he is the same God. He is happy just to hang out, whether we are pissed, happy or sad. He is just happy we came. Peace. Oooo by the way, I wave at you when you and the boat are on TV :)

your friend laura said...

akirah-i love the idea of hanging out with god at the mall, people-watching, sippin' an icee... i haven't read the shack, but i've heard about it and have considered picking it up. i think i'll add it to my list.

lisa-thanks! yes, god to me is as approachable as can be. total bff. and thanks for waving to me on the tv! (that comment made me crack up!!)

blessings to you both...


Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

This also remended me of the Shack.
You should read it.Just finished it. It was odd, but good.

Anonymous said...
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laureen said...

let's talk, girlie. i gotta tell you my story.

pearlywhitegirl said...

Hello, my friend! I just found you on Tobi et al (that girl cracks me up) and so I followed one of her posts here to your site and, la de da, so do you! I was only two posts down the page when I was hooked, but then I read this one and it made me laugh and cry--that's talent--and I'm so happy to have "met" you. Thanks for sharing your humor with the Interweb. Bless you! I'll be back.

alissa said...

haha i like this. very much how i see god:) but also hard to think that theres a plan behind all of this...