Thursday, January 28, 2010

having my cake and eating it, too.

Aw, snap. If my hair was made out of licorice, I'd never leave the house. I'd just sit around and eat my hair all day, looking awesome and bein' tasty.

I realize that came out totally wrong, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, imagine the money I'd save on groceries and haircuts. Seriously.

Alas, I do not have hair made out of licorice, nor is my name Ireland. But let me say, she is One Lucky Girl. If only my birthday cake looked like Lil' Wayne.

Happy Birthday to me anyway.

with love from Pittsburgh,

4 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Duel Living said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Lil' Wayne scares the bejesus outta me...Ireland can have him...but I hope you get everything else that you would like for your birthday! Enjoy your day!

Akirah said...

Happy birthday! So many cool people have January birthdays -- me and you included! Have a good one!

Lynnetta said...

Ooo! Happy Birthday! I hope that you are having an amazing day :)

Chris said...

Happy Happy Birthday! And, I'm with Duel - that cake could give me nightmares :-)

Mine would need to look like Shaun White and have red licorice - not a fan of black licorice.