Sunday, July 25, 2010

that time i kept a pretty big secret from you.

I've been leading a double life for the past year.

I am Secret Agent L.

I revealed my identity last night at a huge party and fundraiser at the Firehouse Lounge in the Strip District.

It was incredible, amazing, humbling, full of love and kindness, and one of the best nights I've ever had. And the people?


This city is filled with some of the most extraordinary, loving, wonderful humans ever to walk the planet. Hyperbole? Not in the least. And now that I'm no longer anonymous, I finally get to spend time with them. And that makes me happier than I can say.

More to come, folks. I'm just getting started.

with love from Pittsburgh,
p.s. For those of you who figured out who I was before I posted this? Thanks for keeping it a secret. xoxo!

9 lovely bits o' feedback.:

DARCEY said...

I imagine this is no surprise to anyone who knows you.

It's rare to find a person as physically stunning as you whose inner beauty outshines even that.

And most importantly... you make life so much FUN!

Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

I figured it out just a couple days ago when I discovered this blog. You're welcome. :-)

Duel Living said...

Laurrrraaaaa! I've missed you girl and all my blogging buddies! I have been dealing with multiple computer virus's and then I lost my hard drive...and all that is on it! (Including my wedding photos)


I love your other blog! What a great idea! Ofcourse you would come up with something that makes being a kind human being fun for everyone. Brilliant.


Akirah said...

Ugh! I totally wish I had came now. I was kinda out of the loop, but people kept tweeting about it the night of and I already had plans. But to meet you? I would've changed them!

Lynnetta said...

I knew it!! I only heard of Secret Agent L a couple months ago via Virgina and That's Church. As she described Secret Agent L I thought, hmmm, I wonder if that's Laura. If I had been in town this weekend, I would have come to your event to meet you and congratulate you on such a wonderful and inspiring project!!

Yay!! xoxox ~Lynnetta

your friend laura said...

thank you, my darlings! i'm really, really excited to see where this goes, and i'd LOVE to have your help! just drop me a line or leave a comment if you'd like to be a secret agent of kindness!

smooches to you all,

devon spec said...

me me me!!! *i knew it!!! :D

Burgh Baby said...

I am completely shocked by this confession. Shocked, I tell you!

Boring Pittsburgh said...

The pink and green(and crafty fonts) were complete giveaways!