Sunday, July 18, 2010

doing good in the neighborhood.

Sometimes, I can't believe my life is my life. And I mean that in a good way. Like, for example, I love my job. A lot. Also, I've gotten to act in London. And I've been on television. Pretty cool stuff, right? So when I got an email from famous mommy blogger Michelle over at Burgh Baby, I first pinched myself (um, hello, she's a CELEBRITY) and then made sure I didn't have any lipstick on my teeth. You know, in case she could see me. Somehow. When I read her email, I had to pinch myself again. Why? Because she wanted me to do something. With her. And a bunch of other totally awesome Pittsburgh women.

I know!

With the fabulous organizational skills of Cooper from The Motherhood and the brilliance of the Pittsburgh-based company American Eagle, Do Good Day was born. Why? AE recently launched a new kids' line: 77 Kids. And their flagship store? Right here in the 'burgh at the Mall at Robinson. Well, because American Eagle is such an awesome company (Um, hello, have you tried their jeans? Fab.u.lous.), they decided to have a day last week where 7 bloggers from 11 cities (that equals 77 bloggers in all--clever, huh?) got boxes of goodies supplied by AE and some money to purchase even more fun stuff--all to give away.

To strangers.

Especially kids.

Just because.

I KNOW, right?!

So how on earth did I get to participate? Michelle asked me to. She apparently reads my blog {that makes SIX of you now!} and likes me. And she likes that I love Pittsburgh {um, it's in the blog title}. Even though I'm not a mom, she felt I could contribute. And that meant a lot to me. I was truly honored to have been asked to be a part of such a wonderful day: Do Good Day.

My co-conspirators {who I just fell in love with, by the way}:

Allison of Allison Says

Dina of Fries on Top

Firemom of Stop, Drop, and Blog

Gina of My Very Last Nerve

Michelle of Burgh Baby

Virginia of That's Church

I got to meet some other celebrities: the actual Burgh Baby. {Alexis. She's the one on the right.}

And then there's Mike Pound. He's a journalist. And apparently a pretty big deal. I'm not on Twitter, but I learned that his Twitter name is Uncle Crappy. I have no idea why, but it just is. But there's nothing crappy about him. I was so happy to meet him because he's one of the nicest people ever. EVER.

I'm not a very good picture taker, but I tried to snap a couple of shots while I was workin' {if you call passing out stickers "working"}. I met Dina {with the camera around her neck}. She? Is lovely. And she and her husband make some pretty adorable babies. Holy moly.

We passed out glasses with fake noses and mustaches! I KNOW!! How cute is SHE?!

And Michelle? Is even awesome-er than I ever could have imagined. {She's on the left.} Like, if we were in grade school together, I would have TOTALLY wanted to be her friend. I would have given her my pudding cup during lunch if she so much as looked my way.

And Cooper {below} from The Motherhood? She is an incredible lady. Wow. The moment I met her, she just walked right up to me and hugged me like she'd known me forever. Such a warm presence, and so excited for all of us and the good we were doing!

Check out the treat truck! It looks like a mobile hotdog stand, but instead, it's filled with candy and toys and all manner of fun stuff for kids! It was such a hit!

We stood outside the Carnegie Science Center for the first hour or two, passing out gum, and money (as seen in the first photo), and stickers---oh, did I pass out some stickers!--and just witnessed such joy from children and their parents/guardians. Doing good really DOES change the world!

Afterward, we started walking down the North Shore. We handed dollar bills to people we passed, simply asking them to do something nice with it. We even included a little instruction sheet that suggested 7 things they could do with that dollar that would be nice for someone else.

And then we cooled off in the fountain steps. It was SO. HOT. And, yes. I got a sunburn. Ouch.

On Saturday, AE invited us to see their new 77 Kids store at Robinson. WOW. That's all I can say.


It's designed for kids and moms in a way that is so thoughtful and fun and brilliant. Treats in the store? Check. Aisles wide enough for strollers? Check. A beautiful family bathroom complete with soothing decor and baby wipes? Check.

And there are these awesome beanbag pillows called Fat Boys that are on the floor for the kids to sit on.

Or, you know, under.

We got a tour of the store, heard lovely speeches from some of the Top Brass at AE, and were thanked profusely for our participation in Do Good Day. And the clothes for these kids? Awesome. Reinforced for extra durability. Guaranteed to last up to 77 washes. Cute and child-like, but hip at the same time. But not too hip--AE didn't want kids to look like adults. (Thank you, modesty!)

I don't know about you, but I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get on with the baby-makin' here pretty soon and then go buy me some cute stuff from 77 Kids. Er, um, I mean, buy my children some stuff from 77 Kids.

But does this backpack come in my size? Because I simply must have it. Especially for Mondays. Rawr!

I have been asked by AE and The Motherhood to write about my participation in Do Good Day, and I have been compensated for doing so. Like I said: some days I can't believe this is my life.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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Burgh Baby said...

Thank you so much for helping, oh Wondrous Queen of Stickerpalonia!

Anonymous said...

Burgh Baby ain't kidding. You hand out stickers like nobody's business.

devon spec said...

OMG i would've LOVED to have helped out too!!! suhhhWEET! :) (ok, i'm dashing over to check out burgh baby now!)

FireMom said...

You're the best. :)

Melissa said...

What fun!!! You really do have a pretty great life, huh? :)

P.S. I'm jealous of everyone that loves their job. *sigh*