Friday, July 15, 2011

well, at least it's not ebola.

I have mono. I know what you're thinking: Gee, Laura! I'm so jealous of your life! Your car got broken into, people have been letting you down left and right, and now you have an illness that's going to make you debilitatingly exhausted and maybe even give you a wicked sore throat! You have the best! life! ever! 

While I will spare you the details of how I think I contracted mono {let's just say it involves the person who I was sort of thinking might be someone I could trust and build something new with, only said person recently betrayed me--"recently" meaning "while I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago," and "betrayed" meaning "slept with an engaged woman he barely knew in a hotel room in the city"}, I will tell you that it appears this is par for the course lately.

Let's review.

1. Ross. {Need I say more?}
2. Watched a dog jump off a three-story apartment building while in San Francisco.
3. Returned home from San Francisco to a car that wouldn't start. {Battery? Dead as a doorknob.}
4. Car got broken into and laptop stolen.
5. Got diagnosed with mono.
6. Learned that someone I thought was a man of dignity and integrity was actually a man who met women, went to hotels with them, slept with them, all while knowing that these women were engaged.

I'm having the Best! Life! Ever!

Oh, and I had to scrounge up quarters from various purse pockets and couch cushions in order to put gas in my car this week.

Yeah. I'm lovin' life.

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Akirah said...

Sometimes life SUCKS! Text me when you wanna meet up! My Friday filled up, but with you being sick, that might not be best anyway. We'll work it out. Until then, hang in there!

krista said...

i suppose the bright side is that you found out about this man now? oh lord. who am i kidding? this all around sucks. i would hug you if i could.

Jo said...

Oh Laura! I don't even know what to say! I've been out of town and am just getting caught up with my fave blogs. I am so very sorry to read about this latest bit of ick. I have no words of advice, but sometimes it helps to hear similar stories of ick from friends... I once dated a guy who, after three months of dating and spending time with my family, I discovered was married. AND had a baby. Why are some people so disgusting?? I was crushed at the time. But, it got better. I hope that this difficult time passes soon! Sending you big cyber hugs!!

Lisa said...

I love that even through all of the "suck" that you're going through right now, you still manage to find the bright side and say things that crack me up like "at least it's not ebola." Proof that you will get through this... even if it feels like it's going to kill you right now.