Friday, July 08, 2011

fuck you, universe.

What I wanted to write about today was my final day in San Francisco.

Except, when I woke up this morning and went to my car to go to work, I found that it had been broken into. So, you know, I'm not really feeling like writing about my trip.

A friend of mine stayed at my place last night, and like an idiot, I didn't have him bring his stuff in from my car. So, a fucking asshole decided to take advantage of that and break into my car and steal my friend's shit.

His "shit" being his laptop.

You know what, Universe? I've really had it.  Fuck. You. And fuck all the shitty people out there who are assholes.

Because I really don't like filing police reports at 8:30 a.m. And I especially don't like you. 

So just Stop. Fucking. With. Me. 

And just let me have a normal quite life that isn't filled with disappointments, betrayal, broken hearts, ex-boyfriends who still make me cry every single day, dogs who fling themselves off roofs, and other bullshit.  You know, like THEFT. And especially when it's all wrapped up in a week.

Just leave me the fuck alone.

Oh, and by the way: that guy who ran the red light by the Mellon Arena this morning and almost crashed into me? Yeah. FUCK THAT TOO.

3 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Lynnetta said...

Aw man! What a horrible thing to happen after you had such a lovely trip away! I had just finished reading about what could have been a horrific event with the flying dog (thank god she's ok) when this post popped up in my Google Reader. ugh ugh UGH! I do not blame you one bit for your anger. I hope you were able to patch up the window before the big downpour this morning. I got to walk to work in it under a leaky umbrella. Not nearly as tragic as your morning though.


your friend laura said...


thank you. i don't like to swear on this blog--i try to keep it clean. but honestly, i am so full of frustration right now that i couldn't help myself.

i just wish i could catch a break.

Jill B said...

I'm sorry.
I've been there - a few weeks after I moved to my current home a jerkface threw a tallboy can of beer through my car window. I don't know HOW it didn't bust, but I'm super-grateful that it didn't make my car smell forever of cheap beer (expensive beer would have been bad, too).
Much love, sister.