Wednesday, July 06, 2011

san francisco, day five.

I'm a really good shopper. Like, I'm still unclear as to why I will never be awarded a Ph.D. in shopping. Because I should. Seriously.  That handbag above? Thirty bucks.  In Sausalito.  

I should offer a tutorial or something.

DAY FIVE. Wednesday, June 29.

Okay, I have to be honest: this was kind of a tough day for me. It was Ross's birthday, and with as much as I've been missing him lately, and with the sadness I've been feeling, the day sort of hung over me like a cloud. He was on my mind and in my heart all day long. But, thanks to some retail therapy, I managed to get through it.

And I ended up with some really cute stuff from Sausalito, which is a tiny coastal town right across the Bay from San Francisco. You may recall that my parents and I went there on Day Two. But, I mean, let's be honest again: one time in Sausalito is never enough.

I don't have too many photos to share from this day because, well, I WAS BUSY SHOPPING. Mom and I did have fun, though. She got some beautiful scarves, and I got a gorgeous scarf as well. I mostly did some window-shopping, because I wanted to scope out the shops and see what was there and determine if I should spend money there or wait, seeing as though I still had several more days left on my trip. I also knew that I'd be returning to Sausalito AGAIN on my last day, because my best friend Amanda would be in town, and it was imperative that we spend some good gal pal time shopping there.

Half the fun of going to and from Sausalito is the ferry ride. So peaceful...

And that yellow bag? Well, I spied it that day and knew I'd be back to make it mine. All in good time, my friends. All in good time.

Day Six involved going to jail.  It was awesome.  Guess you'll have to stay tuned to see what happened!

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