Monday, July 11, 2011

san francisco, day eight.

{I'm still feeling some rage over Friday's Shit Storm, but I figured I'd better post the remainder of my San Francisco trip.}

Having your best friend in San Francisco with you while you're on vacation with your parents is THE BEST THING EVER.

Also, isn't she just adorable?

Yup, that's my Amanda.

DAY EIGHT. Saturday, July 2.

This day was devote completely to shopping. I know, I know. You're thinking But Laura, haven't you done enough shopping already? Oh, silly goose. NO. I HAVE NOT.

But here's the thing: I wasn't the only one shopping. This guy?

Well, he was on a mission. The target? A new sports coat. One that would remind him of San Francisco. So we stopped in Union Square at this super fancy couture men's shop (which, to be honest, is soooo not my dad's style), but I thought it'd be fun. YES IT WAS MY IDEA.  ::high-fives self::

Mama Miller decided to help scour the racks, and I have to admit that even I--the girl who rarely gets shocked by even the most expensive clothing--was startled by the four-figure starting prices.  But, because my dad is AWESOME and because I am GOOD LUCK, he was able to get a gorgeous blue sports coat at an absolute steal of a price.

Plus, he made a new best friend. {Which, if you know my father, he does EVERYWHERE HE GOES.}

My dad with the owner of the shop. This guy was SO nice, and he said that we were some of the most fun people who have come into his shop in a long time. OF COURSE WE WERE. DUH. HAVE YOU NEVER MET THE MILLERS? WE ARE A FUN PEOPLE.
After my dad's exciting purchase {isn't he so handsome?}, we continued on our way through Union Square. We mostly did window shopping, as Amanda and I were--you guessed it--headed to Sausalito {trip #4 for me!} to burn the last of our money.

I seriously almost bought this hat. I mean, c'mon. I would've worn it AND let my mom borrow it, because isn't she just ADORBS?

My dad and mom treated me and Amanda to an amazing lunch at the Westin St. Francis Hotel's The Oak Room. And then they turned us loose to head on back to the Embacadero to catch the ferry to Sausalito.

Before hopping on the boat, I spotted this incredible kid playing the trumpet in front of the Ferry Building. Seriously fell in love with this little guy. And what amazing talent!

He couldn't have been more than 11 or 12 years old. Take a listen:

When we finally got to Sausalito, we shopped and snacked and had a grand time, Amanda and I. And remember this amazing yellow handbag?

Oh, yes, my darlings. I bought it.  And this lovely man sold it to me. Meet Henry.

I wanted to take him home to Pittsburgh with me. He remembered me from when I stopped in a few days prior with my mom, and he even asked about her! HOW SWEET IS THAT?! We exchanged email addresses after this photo was taken, and I'll be writing to him soon. He is just. the. most. darling. ever.

It was a wonderful final full day in San Francisco, surrounded by people I love and nice people I met. Day Nine, which was only a partial day, since it's the day we left, was short but sweet. Stay tuned for photos and details!

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