Wednesday, July 06, 2011

san francisco, day six.

My brother got arrested once when we were in high school. Trespassing, I think it was. (In a vacant house, mind you.) Such a dork, that one. I, on the other hand, have no criminal record whatsoever.  But I have been to jail.  

DAY SIX. Thursday, June 30.


My parents were all Nah, we don't wanna go there. And I was all ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU HAVE TO GO. And they were all, Nah, we don't wanna go there. So, instead of going alone, my sweet friend Joe flew in from Seattle to go with me. 

I know, right?!

Joe and me in the bar in my hotel on Wednesday night. SUCH A DOLL, THAT ONE.
Joe's a bit of a free spirit. He travels the world, goes with the flow, and rarely--if ever--gets fussy or upset or stressed about anything. You'll be in San Francisco? he asks. I'll just fly down and spend a couple days there and hang out with you. And then I'll book a one-way ticket to Hawaii for afterward. See what I mean? Free spirit.

So the precious boy booked tickets to Alcatraz several weeks before my trip (because he knew they'd sell out if we waited--and he was right--because once I arrived in SF, the tickets were sold out until July 4!). And on Thursday, he met me at my hotel and off we went!

Um, I took a ton of pictures. Are you ready?

This little guy escorted us the entire ferry ride to Alcatraz.

I couldn't get over how close he came to us on the top deck!

I was feeling sassy.

This is the view you see when the ferry docks at the prison.

Joe was excited!

Like, a lot!

There are tons of ruins all over the island, and gulls of all types and sizes make their homes in those ruins.

Joe took some pictures of me. This one's my favorite.

Joe decided to hold on to my backpack strap so we wouldn't get separated.

We opted for the self-guided audio tour. It. Was. So. Kick-Ass. It's narrated by four prison guards who worked on Alcatraz at one time or another.

And it's also narrated by four actual prisoners. It was so eerie, but so cool.

This is the exercise yard where the prisoners got to have some free time.

And this? Well, let's just say this image is now permanently ingrained in my brain. I wish it wasn't.

There are incredible gardens all over the island.

It is SERIOUSLY windy on Alcatraz, folks.

{note my scarf: I purchased it in Sausalito the day before!}

Poor Joe. Shoulda tied his hair back!

This was seriously one of the best days of my trip. Spending time with Joe was awesome, and touring Alcatraz was incredible. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Afterward, we took the ferry back to San Francisco, and I got to ride a genuine 1938 trolley car! It was so cool!

Then we hung out by this totally cool fountain sculpture by my hotel.

Joe enjoyed playing with my camera. He took the shot of the fountain above. Gorgeous, right?

Day Seven? Well, let's just say it involved a flying dog.  Stay tuned...

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