Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm not sure what's been going on with my body lately, but it has been Full Of The Pains. If it's not IBS or horrible cramps or "borderline fibromyalgia" {yes, that's a new one, diagnosed as of this Monday}...'s migraines.

KILLER migraines. To the point where I literally want to remove my head and place it as far away from my body as possible in the hopes that somehow the time-space continuum will allow me to not be in agony. Alas, I have not figured out how to do that yet, but when I do, I'm calling The Today Show.

That photo of me on the left was taken yesterday at 5:45 p.m. Which was 23.5 hours after my migraine first made its unwelcome appearance. Excruciating pain. Akin to a burning hot rod being plunged back and forth, in and out, this way and that, on the top left of my head. 

And this happens about two or three times a month.

Usually, I have a Rx for these bad boys. But, wouldn't you know it, when I ran out a couple of months ago, I learned that my medication had been discontinued. Of course! It was inexpensive and it worked. Yes! Let's discontinue it! Because we, the drug companies, aren't making enough money off it! Yes! Let's!

And so, my darling doctor gave me some samples. I tried them. One worked. Hooray! She called in the prescription on Monday after my appointment with her {yes, the one in which I was diagnosed as having "borderline firbromyalgia"--whatever that means}, but the pharmacy called shortly after and said they'd have to order it and that it wouldn't be in until Tuesday.

"No worries!" I told them, a smile in my voice. Because my migraine hadn't hit yet. "I don't need it right away."

Except, I did.

Because two hours later, it hit.

And Advil doesn't touch it. And ice doesn't help. And closing my eyes and turning off all noise is pointless. 

And so I lay on my bed immediately after work, in agony. For hours. I missed an important phone call {I'm looking at you, AS} because of it. I eventually fell asleep, but woke again at 1:30 a.m. And wept. And clutched. And wept some more. Then I suddenly remembered that I had some Excedrin Migraine at the bottom of my purse, the little white pills spilled all over the lining because the cap of the bottle fell off. The pills took a tiny bit of the edge off, enough to go to sleep, but All Manner of Agony returned the next morning.

I went to work...I don't know how.

But I left an hour early. Headed to the pharmacy, hoping the Rx my doctor called in would be ready. It was. But I couldn't get it.

$100 for nine pills. With my insurance.

I wanted to cry. And throw up. You know, between the pain and the disappointment. 

But luckily, a very nice pharmacy intern recommended a cheaper drug, called my doctor to see if she'd approve, and I finally--FINALLY--got relief a couple hours later for the bargain price of $8.

That photo of me on the right? That is what the lifting of pain feels like. Peaceful. Tranquil. 

I cannot express to you, dear reader, what it felt like when that pain...just...stopped.
Lifting. So much of my pain is finally lifting.

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Akirah said...

Glad you found some relief! I don't like seeing my Laura in pain...

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

My mother has suffered from migraines her whole life so although I haven't personally felt the pain, I understand the frustration in dealing with them.

I hope this medication continues to bring you relief!

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous again from the other week (I am not *that* brave in that I won't use my real name, haha).

So have you ever considered trying a migraine maintenance med? I used to have killer migraines, and wow, these suckers totally saved me. I am on something called Topamax. Get the generic, and depending upon the insurance, it's not much at all. You can probably take as low as 25 mg a day and be headache free forever! (Ok, well I get the occasional "pre-migraine" now, but that is cake compared to before, and it's all my fault most of the time anyway, because stress is a a trigger.)

See if your PCP will give you a referral to a neurologist. It's not a bad thought...and maintenance meds are cheaper in the short- and long-term, too!

p.s. Thx for your lovely note back there. Things are getting better. I created a nice resume and portfolio and we're moving to Philadelphia in the summer. It helps to, like you mentioned, have things to look forward to, feel a sense of accomplishment, etc.! And my portfolio is totally coming along, too. Just have to keep the momentum.

(I hope you will share photos of San Fran when you go, or at least when you come back, too.)

Natalie said...

i understand your pain... i've suffered for 10 years and have just finally found a medication to give me relief after 3 trips to the er and a night where i thought i was having a stroke... I take atenenol now... its a beta blocker and the only thing that has never given me worse migraines or horrible side effects... won't work for everyone... but i hope you find something that works...