Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snOMG, parts 2 and 3.

Not wanting to worry my darling Eileen, who left a comment recently about my whereabouts (a snow drift, perhaps?) and her readiness to call in the National Guard (thank you, lovely!), I now continue my Tuesday Adventure into Snowpocalypse 2010.

I bring you parts 2 and 3 of my three-part installment of...

The Trek to the Grocery Store.

snowpocalypse 2010, part 2 from la la on Vimeo.

Yes! There's more!

snowpocalypse 2010, part 3. from la la on Vimeo.

I've been home from work for the past three days, and if I stay home again tomorrow, I'm totally making another video. I'm goin' a bit stir-crazy here. I gotta find some way to entertain myself.

with love from Pittsburgh,

6 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Lisa E said...

So Cute you are :O) I am relieved you got provisions!

laureen said...

chocolate. makes. all. things. right. and good. and happy, yummy happy chocolate. ok. too much snow for me, back slowly away from the crazy snowed in chick. (and what does it mean that my word verification is dip psycho? hmmm? just askin')

Akirah said...

You're too adorable.

How in the world were you taping and walking at the same time? And carrying bags?

You're a super vlogger!

Lynnetta said...

I was totally at the Giant Eagle Market District on Tuesday as well. That place was nuts! But I always enjoy a trip to the grocery store so I didn't mind. And snow, I L.O.V.E snow so I've been one happy girl. Too bad I finally have to go in to work tomorrow, and since I don't want to loose my parking space I will be walking 1.5 miles each way in 2+ feet of snow. I'm looking forward to the exercise I will be getting.

Why didn't I think to pick up chocolate??

Duel Living said...

1. So cute!

2. I am work.

3. I totally learned something today...I had no idea it was Pittsburghers...I always thought it was Pittsburghians. Maybe it's time for a change?

4. Oscar worthy...a nod at the very least.


your friend laura said...

you guys are the best. :)

thanks for the sweet comments! i'm totally flattered that you think i'm "cute". yay!

akirah--i was using reusable shopping bags that i had slung over each shoulder. great for carrying lots of groceries easily!

brandi--yes, we're "pittsburghers" and sometimes even " 'burgers' ". it's totally endearing. the days off were nice, but i was getting a bit stir crazy by wednesday. missed contact with human beings!

love you all and hope you're all warm and safe!