Sunday, February 28, 2010

it's over, jerkface.

Dear February:

I'm breaking up with you. Do you know why?

Because you suck.

I'm so tired of your antics. Snow? Really? Like, a bazillion feet of it? Is that really necessary? You've been a total jerk about it for too long.

Your lack of sunshine? C'mon. I wake up every morning, all ready to face you and crap, and that's what you give me? Grey skies? 100% cloud cover?

Well, no more.

Oh, and the whole cold shoulder thing? Or, should I say, the whole cold-all-the-time thing? Yeah. It's getting old. Is it really too much to ask you to try to work above 35 degrees? You're so selfish. Seriously.

And the slush and messiness of all it? Please. You know I'm a clean freak. You know I like tidiness, yet you just continue to be gross.

So, I'm dumping you. Tomorrow, I'm going to ask March out on a date.

with love from Pittsburgh,
{photo from here}

4 lovely bits o' feedback.:

krista said...

i have a feeling i'll be writing a similar letter to july this year.
except i'll change the 'cold' to 'hot'...because otherwise it wouldn't make any sense.

Duel Living said...

I think that is why Feb. is only 28 days....cuz nobody likes that month...nobody! I feel the same way....just get to summer already! I want sunshine, and BBQ's and t-shirts, and cotton pjs. Ok...I just made myself tear up just a little.

Roxy said...

Awesome! I love reading your blog :) Bring on the humidity! I miss it.

Catholic Chicks said... need to live in L.A. The weather was pretty awesome. Then you would LOVE February. lol