Tuesday, February 23, 2010

part 2 of my web series.

Oh, my goodness! What will happen next?

{Don't you love the suspense? I know, right? To catch up on the story, check out this post first. I'm in a web series for Eyetique here in Pittsburgh.}

with love from Pittsburgh,

7 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Duel Living said...

Stellar performance mi lady....brava.


krista said...

i'm hoping for some sort of suspense filled mystery surrounding how the glasses are really portals into another world.
a world full of intrigue and mystery and double agents who wear pencil skirts.
am i overthinking this?

Akirah said...

Actually, I DON'T love the suspense. I want to see what happens...now! Hahah! Those glasses are awesome, by the way. I may need to stop by Eyetique and get a pair...

Anonymous said...

how pretty are you!?!?!? love it!

Melissa said...

You are AMAZING! And amazingly GORGEOUS! Can I be you for a day??? Not sure I could rock those specs though. :)

your friend laura said...

you guys are all super nice. and i love you. thank you for your niceness.

that is all.


Jo said...

You are adorable....and so are those specs!!
And how on earth did you memorize that coffee order?? That was intense!! :)