Thursday, December 24, 2009

who needs presents when you have gifts?

My favorite family Christmas photo ever: 2005
L to R: me (with long hair!), Mom, Dad, sister-in-law Danielle, brother Geoff, nephew Isaac

It's different this year
, but that's okay. Not as many wrapped presents (if any), not as much traveling, not as much hoopla. But somehow, it still feels special.

Despite the fact that there aren't a lot of presents wrapped under the tree, I still feel like I've been showered with gifts: My mom is doing so the point where I want to exclaim, "It's a miracle!" I have a job that I love. My apartment is an absolute sanctuary for me. I've reconnected with my Catholic faith more than I could have imagined. My health is relatively stable. And my favorite gift this year? Forgiveness. Because it helped to bring the Ross-a-tron back into my life.

Merry Christmas, my lovelies. I can't wait to hear all about the gifts you've received this year.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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