Monday, December 21, 2009

stuff and things.

I like:
Vidalia onion salad dressing
Doing laundry
Old homes
Going to bed with clean feet
Visiting my parents
Playing the piano
Going to Mass
The quiet in the air after the first real snowfall
Waking up to the sun streaming into my bedroom
The courtesy wave you get from drivers when you let them in front of you
Design/craft/fashion blogs and websites
People who are courageous
Hanging out in bookstores for hours
Orange juice
Target, Michael’s Craft Store, and Anthropologie
Sitting outside in the summer, on my deck, drinking a glass of wine at twilight
The following TV shows: Scrubs (old-school), The Penguins of Madagascar, The George Lopez Show, Friends, The Simpsons, and The Office
Meeting new people
To clean
Paper products

I rully, rully like (read: love):
Jesus (a.k.a. J-Dawg, the J-Man, Jaysus)
The Ross-a-tron
Hot baths
Nice people
Hot tea
Boston Terriers
Being warm
Pittsburgh and Pittsburghers
Little old men, especially grandfatherly types who fought in WWII
My dad’s stories
My job
Watching people hug
Emails and text messages from my mom
Period movies (i.e. The Young Victoria, Charlotte Gray, Elizabeth, etc.)
The smell of incense at church
Puppies. Big and small.
My family. In all its dysfunctional glory.
Lists (too obvious? *note to self: be less obvious*)

I dislike:
People’s feet
French manicures and pedicures
Chipped nail polish
How loud and clomp-y my upstairs neighbor is
Poor spelling and grammar
Talking on the phone
Soggy sandwiches
Hearing people blow their noses
Seeing young girls sexualized
Hearing people breathe loudly
Washing dishes, especially the silverware
Being on or in large bodies of water
Managing my money

I rully, rully dislike (read: would rather shove bamboo shoots under my fingernails than endure any of this stuff):
Anything having to do with mushrooms (the sight, the smell, etc.)
People who are mean
Ugg boots
Victoria’s Secret’s marketing
Lima beans
Anti-homosexual messages/slogans/preaching
Impatient drivers

I don’t:
Own an iPod
Know how to throw a Frisbee. Well. Or at all, really.
Like to fly
Know what a cigarette or marijuana tastes/smells/feels like
Speak another language fluently
Understand our country’s obsession with sports and glorification of sports players

I’m not:
On Facebook. And never will be.
Able to tan
Happy with my intestines. Ever.
Good at apologizing

I won’t:
Eat food past its expiration date. No matter what.
Go to bed without brushing my teeth
Go on a cruise. That involves large bodies of water, and I am afraid of such.
Ever move to L.A. or N.Y.C., unless it’s a matter of life and death
Shop at Abercrombie, Express, or Wal-Mart
Live with the Ross-a-tron before we’re married
Dye my hair

What about you? Tell me some stuff and things.

With love from Pittsburgh,

2 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Lisa E said...

I love my daughter, who actually is majorly amazing. I love my hubby who loves me unconditionally. I love my cat and dog who do the same. I love to laugh. I love snow. I love riding whenever its not below 55 degrees and raining with my roof down in my car. I love making someone feel good about who they are, and how they are important to me. I love people liking me. I love Pittsburgh. I love thrift shopping. I love Vintage Century Inboard boats. I love the feel of a babys skin and by the way, my hubbys skin (it is obscenely soft. I love sushi. I love cheesecake. I love christmas lights. I love fresh sheets and sleeping in.
I dislike rude drivers. I dislike mean people, I dislike selfish people, I dislike getting old looking. I dislike whiners. I dislike sneaky people. I dislike doing housework. I dislike seeing those I love struggle.
And that is about it (in my best "edith ann" voice from an old tv show Laugh In.
Happy Holidays.

krista said...

i'm afraid of puppets and claymation. my cat is orange and she drools. i believe in the power of a cupcake. i appreciate that my relationship is just imperfect enough that i can actually be myself 100 percent of the time. i believe that happily ever after is a facade and that love is a verb.
i also think you're pretty wonderful.