Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'fraidy cat.

I like lists. This fact is, I think it's safe to say, pretty obvious to you all as of late. Also, lists are easier than coming up with witty writing. Don't pressure me. It's the holidays. I have very little left to give. I actually resorted to Googling "blog prompt" tonight because my brain is that fried. I feel like I have all this stuff to write about, but I don't actually know what that stuff is exactly. Thus, Google. Oh, dear, sweet, lovely Google.

Tonight's list? My 10 biggest fears. Ready? Go.

I'm afraid of a lot of things, actually. I mean, my nickname isn't Worst Case Scenario Girl for nothing.

1. I'm afraid of the day I lose my parents.

2. I'm afraid of getting into a car accident and becoming paralyzed or disfigured.

3. I'm afraid of burning down my house.

4. I'm afraid of being held up at gunpoint.

5. I'm afraid that if I ever get pregnant, I won't like it.

6. I'm afraid I'll be a horrible mother.

7. I'm afraid that every time I go to get my mammogram in February, they'll finally find "it."

8. I'm afraid I'll be penniless one day.

9. I'm afraid of losing other people I love.

10. I'm afraid of dying in a plane crash.

Do you know that I think about these things fairly often? I know, I know--make sure to tell my therapist. Does anyone else think about stuff like this? I don't want to dwell, and I don't want to be one of those people who worries about stuff when it hasn't even happened, but still--I'm human. I worry. It's what I do. I am, without a doubt, Worst Case Scenario Girl.

Excuse me while I go put on my cape. And then check the Velcro on the neck to make sure it's not so tight that it'll strangle me to death.

with love from Pittsburgh,
p.s. I just realized what a morose post this is. I'll try to do better next time.

2 lovely bits o' feedback.:

krista said...

my fears multiplied after i got pregnant. i never used to be afraid of stuff beyond my control. all of a sudden, i'm terrified of everything. bryan has to balance me out half the time and get me to stop from overreacting to ridiculous stuff.

Jason said...

I'm terrified of heart attacks.