Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday, the Ross-a-tron and I went out to Stables of Serenity in Plum Township to learn about Equine Therapy.  The Ross-a-tron's friend, Bob Reufle, has been studying this type of therapy for the past year or so.  We love horses, but since we're city slickers (and very busy!), we haven't really had much opportunity to be around these beautiful creatures.

Until yesterday.

The Ross-a-tron finally had a weekend off from work, and my life as a Secret Agent has slowed down just enough to where I can go be me a little bit.  We drove about 40 minutes to the stables, and as soon as we arrived, my heart felt light and excited.

We learned about the ways the horses mirror humans' behaviors, which was fascinating.  Those of us attending the presentation about Equine Therapy were all brought into the horse arena to interact with four of these amazing animals.

We spent time with Sammy...

...and my sweet, sweet Emmitt.

The Ross-a-tron and I totally took to Emmitt.  This sweet horse nuzzled us, stayed close to us, and literally spoke to us with his soulful blue (yes, blue!) eyes.  We learned that Emmitt had a bit of a rocky past--a previous owner practically let him starve.  This kindred soul was definitely our favorite in the arena.

But that's not to say that none of the other horses captured our hearts.  Miss Daisy?  Now she was my absolute favorite.

Daisy had the most out-going personality.  At times, she got a bit ornery, sort of like a toddler.  But every time I approached her, she nearly wiggled with excitement.

She kind of reminded me of a puppy.  Only, you know, bigger.

Daisy thoroughly enjoyed nibbling on my neck and nuzzling into the back of my head.  I hated to leave her.

There was even an adorable little Beagle named Amanda who had the sweetest disposition and wanted nothing more than just be near us.

I can't wait to go back.


I will never understand how anyone could ever hurt an animal.  And I will forever love animals more than shoes, handbags, money, and even donuts.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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Tali said...

Hello my darling lady! For the past few years, Shawn, Lark, Pat and I have made a tradition of going horseback riding for my birthday. I was seriously considering skipping it (the expense) this year b/c finances are so dern tight. But your post has re-inspired me to go partake in this wonderful tradition with my dear ones, and the absolutely lovely and miraculous experience of spending time with a horse! So thank you so much for helping me make what I know will be the right decision! I love you, dear friend!


Chris said...

You look like you had the best day ever! I totally want that Beagle :-)