Wednesday, September 22, 2010

an awakening.

I am living everything. And it is scary. Things are changing. I am changing. My heart is moving, moved, moves. People, places, opportunities, all surrounding me like a whirl of leaves in the wind of a busy day.

I feel a heat rising up inside of me, to my fingertips, urgent in its need to get out. GET OUT. SCREAM OUT.

Things are changing. The way I used to know is not the now I know. And it is scary. But I am trusting. And I am loving. And I am breathing and listening and letting and going.

I will breathe my way into the unresolved questions in my heart.

I am experiencing an awakening.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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krista said...

whatever you're going through, i'm wishing you the strength and love.

on a somehow related note, my word verification is "cablymat" - i'm not sure how, exactly, it's related but i just know that it is.