Saturday, November 27, 2010


i haven't been here in quite some time.

what has it been? two months?

a lot has changed.

the ross-a-tron and i are no longer together.  out of respect for the five and a half years we were together, i will not go into the details as to why our relationship has dissolved.  things ended over a month ago.  it was my choice...a very, very difficult and painful one.  i am trying to move forward.  life is full of twists and turns and moments that we never expected.  i am learning to accept those things.  and i am stronger for them. at least, that's what i tell myself.

the secret agent l project continues to be a major part of my life.  and i love it.  with the help of two amazing men, the entire site got a makeover.  i grow more and more in love with this work each day.  i continue to receive countless emails from people all over the world who want to participate in missions of kindness, and my heart swells with each one i read.  i am being offered wonderful opportunities to speak at engagements, to record Podcasts, and to meet new faces.  this project has become one of the greatest honors of my life.  i hope you'll check it out.

my father resigned from his job recently. a great shock to our family, but a decision that was made with calculation and integrity.  please keep my parents in your thoughts and prayers.  we don't know what the future holds.

i have been doing some major soul-searching lately.  really thinking about what i want in my life, what's true and absolute to my heart, etc.  and it feels good.  it feels freeing.  i don't know what the future holds, but for the first time in my life, the control freak in me is actually okay with that. 

i haven't really felt compelled to write much here lately.  my life is changing.  i'm changing.  but perhaps i'll start to visit my little corner of the world here more often.  it's good to write, and if i should feel compelled to pour out my words here, i will do it.

that is the latest.

with love from Pittsburgh,

5 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Jo said...

I hear you. It must be in the air....change.
Sending positive thoughts and love your way. said...

sending you love and blessings.
change: so scary, but if it comes from the gut and a place a of love not fear you'll be just fine.

glad to see laura's back. even just for a bit.

krista said...

i was JUST thinking about you, hoping all was well...

sending some love to you this holiday season...and some strength to meet the change head on, shake her hand and have her take her shoes off. sometimes she's not a bad visitor when we make her feel welcome, yes?


happy moments said...

i pray for your parents, i wish you the very best. it seems that you're having a hard time right now, but keep on fighting and have faith. everything will get better soon. Fairies will do their job.

Lynnetta said...

Hi Laura,
How nice it is to see you again :)

Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way.