Monday, March 22, 2010

wanted: change.

What's that word that describes a feeling of stir-craziness? I seem to be at a loss for certain words today. I feel I'm at a loss for some other things, too. Like rest. I've taken the day off today from work. It's raining outside this morning, and I'm still in bed as I write this. The rain is soothing, almost welcome, even though the past few days brought beautiful sunshine and warmth to my world. I like the rain sometimes, especially when I feel like I need to slow down, to re-group.

{What is that word? Frustrated? No. Unsettled? Not quite.}

I need to do some things differently, I think. I sometimes feel tired and worn out because I've been caught up in a routine that's become stale and uninviting. I mean, I like routine--almost all of the time. But maybe it's time for a change in routine. Do you ever feel that way? I mean, I get up, go to work, come home, crash on the couch. Day in, day out. What's that doing for my spirit? Nothing. Maybe it's because of the recent winter weather--the months of feeling trapped in my apartment because the elements were brutal and prevented any sort of life from actually taking place. And now that spring is here--literally--the air has changed, and so must my spirit.

{I've been restless. Yes, that's the word. Restless.}

So after today, after my day of rest and quiet {I'm staying off the interwebs}, after my day of listening to the slow patter of the cleansing rain, I'm going to take the restlessness and put it away. I'm going to breathe the air in a new way, I'm going to do things differently. I'm going to change up my routine a bit, slowly but surely. I'm going to stretch beyond this stifled world I've been in {i.e. winter}.

But first, I'm going to take a nap.

with love from Pittsburgh,

5 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Sweet Dreams!

Judi said...

Sometimes we all just need to pull the covers over our bodies and let sleep take us away before we can get on with things....
Well, at least that's what I think!

BTW...I think the rain stopped!


Duel Living said...

Sounds like you are doing the perfect kind of "regrouping"...under the covers...nestled in...sugar plum fairy dreams.

Happy relaxation....ohm.

Anonymous said...

here! here! to rest, respite, and restoration. i am a giant fan of schedule and rut for that matter, but sometimes it feels good to throw a pink, rubbber wrench into things.

krista said...

there's far too much change going on round these parts. let's switch for a bit :-)