Friday, March 05, 2010

quirky mcquirkerton.

My armpits get itchy
when I get nervous or anxious. It's true. Like, if I'm driving along and all of a sudden some other driver gets too close to my car or makes a sudden move that catches me off guard, my armpits suddenly get all itchy. Deodorant companies should make a product that prevents that. I don't know how it'd work or what it'd look like, but I'm just sayin'. I get tired of my itchy armpits.

Know what else happens when I get nervous or anxious? I eat really fast. Like, if I'm at a party, particularly one I'm hosting, and I want to make sure everyone's having a good time, I eat and talk fast because I think it'll make it look like I'm happy and having a good time. You know, like I've got all kinds of energy and excitement over such! a wonderful! party! The reality, however, is that I'm convinced everyone is bored to tears, just as uncomfortable as me, and wishing they were somewhere else. Why I think shoving crackers and cheese in my mouth at Mach 5 will remedy all of that, I'll never know.

I wash my feet before I go to bed at night, because I can't stand the thought of bringing any kind of grossness into my bed.

I have to take off my nail polish the second a chip appears. Even a tiny one.

If the Ross-a-tron gives me a kiss on my cheek, I have to have him give me a kiss on my other cheek. You know, so I'm even.

I have quirks. I realize this. But I am damn good at my quirks. They are mine. They are what make me me. The Ross-a-tron loves them. I think they make me unique.

Do you have quirks? Weird things that happen to only you? Or things that you do that may seem weird to someone else?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make sure all of my kitchen cabinets and drawers are closed completely before I can go to bed.

with love from Pittsburgh,

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Duel Living said...

I have a "thing" about the speakers on the computer being left on. I know, I is really weird. But somehow...I can tell when they're left on...all the way upstairs, under the covers, in my bed...I can tell...hear the buzz. It drives me nuts. I am also a handwasher. CONSTANTLY! I can't help it. If I think about it, I have to do I'm off wash my hands. Quirky doesn't cover it.


Catholic Chicks said...

Those quirks make you a true individual! Now, I'm trying to think what I do. Lol...

Anonymous said...

i give feelings to inanimate objects.....cups, brushes, pillows, etc. it'll be 3am and if i see a pillow has fallen off the bed, it doesn't matter how tired i am, i will get out of bed and bring it back up on the bed because i think it feels lonely and scared out there by itself on the cold, wood floor.
speed dialing my therapist right now........

Akirah said...

You are quirky! Hmm...I'm sure I have some quirks if I'm cleaning my room...even if it's ten minutes before bed...I still need to make my bed. Yep...I know.

krista said...

i hate disheveled sheets, wrapped and bunched and sagging.
i can't stand when the comforter and the duvet cover aren't properly aligned.
my closet is color coordinated.
crap, i'm not even out of the bedroom yet and i have a list.

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

The only quirk I can think of is the sheets on my bed HAVE to be tucked in hospital style. Every night before I get in bed, I re-tuck them.
This coming from a person whose bed hasn't been made since Regan was President!! As long as those feet are covered, I don't care what the rest of the bed looks like.