Monday, March 22, 2010


I know, I know! TWO blog posts in one day? Crazy! And that's just about how I'm feeling right now. A little bit crazy.

I'm restless as hell, people. Something's gotta change. I've enjoyed my day off today. Oh, yes. Very much. I've stayed off the interwebs most of the day, and it's been really nice. But doing so has also made me think a lot. {I know, right? Thinking? Who does that? There's no time for thinking. We have work to do and interwebs to be on! We cannot think!}

And here's what I've been thinking:

I want an iPhone.
I want to travel. To somewhere where the water is crystal blue and the sun is always shining.
I want to go shopping. Crazy shopping. Like, whole new wardrobe shopping.
I want a day--no, a week--at a spa. Massages, massages, calming music, and massages.
I want to lay in the park, on my back, staring up at the blue sky. For at least two hours.
I want to make at least $45,000 a year. Is that too much to ask?
I want a treadmill in my apartment.
I want to be able to watch How I Met Your Mother every minute of the day.
I want to pay off my American Express and start putting money in my 403b.
I want to be a bit more of a bad-ass.
I want to dress up, put on smokey eye makeup, step into some killer heels, and go to a martini bar.
I want to take a road trip. To somewhere I've never been.
I want a color laser printer.
I want to do more voice-over work.
I want a craft room. That's right. I said it. I want. A craft room.
I want a music room. Just for my grand piano and my cello. And also my iTunes.
I want a Boston Terrier so bad I just might pee my pants.
I want Pittsburgh to get more into the 21st century and fix its mass transit. Hello, rail system?
I want a new car: one that doesn't squeak when I drive over a speed bump.
I want laser hair removal. These arms are much too furry for my liking.
I want to learn to sew.
I want to plant a beautiful garden in the backyard. With tons of peonies and hydrangeas. But I want someone else to take care of it. {Please. I could kill a cactus.}
I want to hire a private cook who will make the most delicious vegetarian meals possible.
I want to get a bike, with a basket, so that I can go to the market and buy french bread and put it in said basket.
I want to have two hours set aside every single day for me just so that I can nap.

People, I am restless. I want change. I can't believe I'm saying this, because I've never liked change too much. Is this a "spring-has-sprung-so-change-your-life" kind of moment?

Tomorrow, I'm gong to do something different. I don't know what it's going to be, but I'm going to do it. Hear me, World? I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. AND I DON'T CARE THAT IT WILL BE ON A TUESDAY.

Deep breath.

with love from Pittsburgh,

7 lovely bits o' feedback.:

a reader said...

My want list is so very similar, it's crazy! If only every day was filled with How I Met Your Mother, spa treatments, martinis, bikes with baskets, new wardrobes, crystal blue waters, peonies and delicious vegetarian meals... Oh, if only...

Darcey said...

Count me in for the smoky-eyed, high-heeled martini bar night!

Duel Living said...

I wanna go on a shopping spree too..but I want a stylist to actual just bring me the shit...hang it in my closet and tell me what to wear daily. Is that too much to ask?

I may have to steal this idea for a blog post of my own. I have a lot of wants...and I feel I must share them with strangers.


laureen said...

call me. shopping. story telling. food. you know how to find me.

Melissa said...

If you take a road trip to Philly, I can help you knock out a few of those. :) I'm working on being more of a bad-ass myself!

Anonymous said...

i want a sandwhich.
right now at least.

Catholic Chicks said...

Wowza...that's a lot of wants...hmmm...I think you should get to work. Lol.