Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a new life.

If you are a blogger or just read blogs, chances are you know about Stephanie Nielson of NieNie Dialogues. Stephanie and her husband Christian survived a terrible plane crash in August of 2008. Below, you can see a short video about their lives now. And you can read Stephanie's beautiful blog here.

She will always be an inspiration to me and a daily reminder of just how good God truly is. I hope you will always be reminded of that as well.

with love from Pittsburgh,

4 lovely bits o' feedback.:

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love her blog too and look forward to her posts. Certainly inspiring!

Duel Living said...

That blog is very inspirational. Her story is so heartwrenching yet uplifting...and when it's put to's a tear jerker. Her faith definately has kept her level and hopeful...that is a beautiful thing.
How are you feeling? Are your skies any brighter?


devon spec said...

i watched that yesterday morning at my desk while mopping up tears that dripped all over my job briefs.

Ross_A_Tron said...

How absolutely glorious. Thank God for NieNie and her faithfulness that allows God to teach us through her life.