Tuesday, December 21, 2010

helpin' a sister out.

photo: Veronica Eisert
Sometimes I think God really is using me in this life for things that I never imagined.  The Secret Agent L Project is one of them.  Sure, that's kind of a global thing, which is totally amazing and mind-blowing to me.  But the non-global, closer-to-home things have that same profound effect on me, too.

My friend Kelly Diane, who lived in Pittsburgh for a time and just recently moved back to Michigan to be with her family during a time of need, has felt God's call in her life.  Kelly was raised Christian, but in the past year has felt called to the Catholic faith in a real and palpable way.  We've gone to Mass together, we've had long discussions about the faith, our beliefs, our hearts, and how God has worked in our own lives.  And through all of that, we've learned that the Catholic faith is the one of the ways that we really feel helps us live out our lives in a way that is full of love, kindness, and goodness.

I've been enjoying standing alongside Kelly Diane as she's negotiated her journey of faith, have been honored when she's come to me with questions, have been excited when she's suggested going to Mass together.  Having a sister in faith is an amazing feeling, especially in a world where God is associated with "crazy" people, zealots, anti-abortion fanatics, and other not-so-nice images.  We're just two modern, normal, full-of-love gals who want to continue to bring goodness to the world.  And we happen to love God and the Catholic faith.  And chocolate.  And clothes.  And boys.  And naps.  Really, we're pretty normal!

Yesterday, Kelly Diane called me and asked me to be her sponsor as she goes through the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which is the process individuals undergo when considering joining the faith.  I was absolutely floored--and so honored!!  I'm really looking forward to being there for her now that she's made the committment to discern whether or not this is the path she wants to walk.  That's what so great about RCIA: it's a period of discernment and inquiry.  I'm proud of her for taking her faith journey seriously.

Please keep Kelly Diane in your prayers!

with love from Pittsburgh,

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doogle said...

I remember when my wife went through that process before we got married. Its a pretty cool time. Good luck Kelly!